Military Talk: What I’ve Learned In One Year of Military Life

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Wow! I really cannot believe my love has been in the US Air Force for one year!! I can still remember the day he left like it happened yesterday. That day I was filled with so many questions. Will we last? What am I going to do if I can’t talk to him? Is this going to be too hard for me? 

I’m here to tell my younger self, that yes you CAN do it! Being long distance is tough. It requires a whole lot of effort, and a whole lot of trust.

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Behind The Card: Pt. 6

This card was originally created for my boyfriend (no surprise there, am I right!?!). I wanted to be supportive and be proud of him for passing one of his exams. However, for some reason this card NEVER got delivered to him. It was completely filled with all of these uplifting words, and he never got to read those and feel that encouragement. It kind of made me sad when I found that out. Continue reading

Behind The Card: Pt. 4

This was my very first long distance card!! Before heading off to boot camp, my boyfriend moved home leaving us 45 minutes away. It was kind of a warm up for this whole long distance thing. I was starting to feel the effects of the distance. I  made this to let him know I was struggling. Before he left, he was only 15 minutes away from me. He was 5 minutes away from my work and I would always go over after my shift. So we were spending a lot of time together each week. That’s probably why this process was more difficult, but I was still happy that he was in the same state as me. Continue reading

Behind The Card: Pt. 3


SkypingThe story behind this one is probably pretty obvious. After boot camp we were finally allowed to text and Skype. We have our own little routine now which is to Skype every Saturday. And oh my goodness, what a difference that made for us. Once we started Skyping and I could see his face and see him laugh, I was tons more happier. It felt like there wasn’t that many miles between us. Continue reading

Military Talk: Long Distance Cards

Military Talk PINT LDR CardsMy boyfriend joined the Military in February of this year. At the time I was still new to the whole idea of “Card Making”. I loved making him cards but I didn’t know how they would mean anything to someone else. I remember when I first started making Long Distance cards and I got a 5 CARD ORDER two days before he left. And then the next morning I got another 5 card order! I was blown away. Better yet – one of those orders went on to a Navy ship. That’s when I knew that I was making something meaningful, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Continue reading