Visiting My Airman: Monterey, California

You guys, this post is loooong overdue. Last year I was able to spend Fourth of July weekend in Monterey, California. Out of all the bases my love has been to, this one has been my favorite. Monterey was SO BEAUTIFUL. There was so many option of what we could do, even with limited transportation (public buses, and our two feet).

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Military Talk: Saving Up To Visit

The time is finally here! You get to travel many, many miles to see your loved one. The best part? Getting off that plane knowing you’re in the same city again. The worst part? How much money it costs to see your significant other. It’s not easy being in a long distance relationship, and I think this is the part I struggle with the most. The fact that seeing him relies heavily on how much money we can save. Continue reading

Behind The Card: Pt. 6

This card was originally created for my boyfriend (no surprise there, am I right!?!). I wanted to be supportive and be proud of him for passing one of his exams. However, for some reason this card NEVER got delivered to him. It was completely filled with all of these uplifting words, and he never got to read those and feel that encouragement. It kind of made me sad when I found that out. Continue reading

Behind The Card: Pt. 5

I Believe In Us

There comes a point where the distance will really start to get to you and your significant other. There comes a point where you want to give up because it would be “easier” even though you know that isn’t true. Despite having our routine and being able to talk to each other more it is extremely hard to be across the country from your loved one. Continue reading

Behind The Card: Pt. 4

This was my very first long distance card!! Before heading off to boot camp, my boyfriend moved home leaving us 45 minutes away. It was kind of a warm up for this whole long distance thing. I was starting to feel the effects of the distance. I  made this to let him know I was struggling. Before he left, he was only 15 minutes away from me. He was 5 minutes away from my work and I would always go over after my shift. So we were spending a lot of time together each week. That’s probably why this process was more difficult, but I was still happy that he was in the same state as me. Continue reading

Behind The Card: Pt. 3


SkypingThe story behind this one is probably pretty obvious. After boot camp we were finally allowed to text and Skype. We have our own little routine now which is to Skype every Saturday. And oh my goodness, what a difference that made for us. Once we started Skyping and I could see his face and see him laugh, I was tons more happier. It felt like there wasn’t that many miles between us. Continue reading