Visiting My Airman: Monterey, California

You guys, this post is loooong overdue. Last year I was able to spend Fourth of July weekend in Monterey, California. Out of all the bases my love has been to, this one has been my favorite. Monterey was SO BEAUTIFUL. There was so many option of what we could do, even with limited transportation (public buses, and our two feet).

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Military Talk: Saving Up To Visit

The time is finally here! You get to travel many, many miles to see your loved one. The best part? Getting off that plane knowing you’re in the same city again. The worst part? How much money it costs to see your significant other. It’s not easy being in a long distance relationship, and I think this is the part I struggle with the most. The fact that seeing him relies heavily on how much money we can save. Continue reading “Military Talk: Saving Up To Visit”

Military Talk: Feeling “Numb”

In a couple of months my love will be in the military for one year.  It seems much longer than that already. And lately, my overall mood has been low. Continue reading “Military Talk: Feeling “Numb””

For Your Screens: Always Be Positive

I6 Mockup - Be PositiveIt’s been a while since I made something for your screens. But I decided to start using some of my daily lettering prompts as iPhone wallpapers. Today’s background reads “Always be positive” and serves as a reminder to be positive whenever possible. Everyone has their days or their moments, but nothing bad could ever come from being positive so why not be happier? Continue reading “For Your Screens: Always Be Positive”

Military Talk: A Guide to Lackland Air Force Base

Military Talk PINT LacklandEarlier this month I attended my boyfriend’s graduation at Lackland Air Force Base. During my weekend, I learned a lot of new information that I would love to share with you all. Continue reading “Military Talk: A Guide to Lackland Air Force Base”

Military Talk: Visiting Him

The greatest feeling.

Earlier in the month I got the wonderful opportunity to finally visit him! This was the first time I got to see him in 52 days. Yes, I was counting down from the moment he left. What I will say is that two months went by a heck of a lot faster than I was imagining. There were moments where I didn’t think I could do this any longer, and then I’d get a letter in the mail or I’d get a phone call. Now, I only got a total of 3 letters and 2 phone calls during his time at boot camp, but those things came at the times I needed them most. Continue reading “Military Talk: Visiting Him”