Process Video: Next to You is My Favorite Place To Be

Today, I’m showing you my process in creating one of my more recent designs.

Click here to see this card in the shop!

I created this card when I was sitting right next to my love bug. He was home on leave and it gave me all the feelings. It felt so special to be able to create this when he was sitting next to me, and not just thinking about being with him.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my process, and that you enjoy this card! I plan on creating more YouTube videos to show you my process in how I create my greeting cards that I sell to you lovely people.

Take a peek in my Etsy shop which features many LDR cards. Sending & making cards is what helped keep me sane through his Boot Camp and on.



Where to find me:

Etsy (where I post LDR cards & other artwork)

Instagram (where I post my daily hand lettering project & products of mine)

Facebook (where I post Behind-The-Scenes, etc.)

YouTube (where I post hand lettering videos)

Society 6 (where my designs are featured on pillows, tapestries, and more)


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