Visiting My Airman: Monterey, California

You guys, this post is loooong overdue. Last year I was able to spend Fourth of July weekend in Monterey, California. Out of all the bases my love has been to, this one has been my favorite. Monterey was SO BEAUTIFUL. There was so many option of what we could do, even with limited transportation (public buses, and our two feet).

Thursday, June 3oth

Thursday morning I skipped my classes and headed to Detroit, Michigan to board my 7am flight. From there I went to Phoenix, and then to Monterey. By the time I got to Monterey, it was only about 11 am there. California and Michigan are 3 hours apart from each other, so it really does mess with your brain/body a little bit. This trip was the first time I ever did a layover flight by myself, so I was very proud that I never got lost or ended up being late for a flight.

I got to the hotel and waited in the lobby until they had a room ready for me. Check in time wasn’t until 2pm, but they were able to get me in earlier. I decided that I would use the remaining time I had until my boyfriend was done with his classes, and shower and look presentable. By the time 6pm came around, I was passed out. I was sooo exhausted.

The way the DLI base in Monterey works, is for holiday weekends they would get the Friday and Monday off. This meant that Thursday night we were able to go out to dinner, meet some of his friends, then go back to the hotel and sleep. Each base is different with how their scheduling is.

Friday, July 1st

We walked around Monterey and rented a Tandem bike (my first time!). It was very unusual to have an entire day to ourselves and we tried to just take things slow and relax in each other’s company. We took a few pit stops along the cost. Lover’s Point is the only one that I can remember the name of.IMG_4646

Saturday, July 2nd

Today we went hiking through Andrew Molera State Park. Our original plan was to visit Point Lobos today, however the bus driver wouldn’t make a stop for us or any of the other people wanting to go there either. The beginning of the hike didn’t seem too promising. We were walking through a campground… however, once we got past all the woods and started going up hills… that’s when the views started getting amazing.

I’m from Michigan, so I don’t get to see the ocean that much, or mountains, or beautiful panoramic views. It really doesn’t take much to make me fall in love with the scenery.


Sunday, July 3rd

Today we let ourselves sleep in and relax from a long day yesterday. We went to the shopping center and decided to go see the Shallows. Later on we got ice cream and pizza and honestly it was so nice to be able to relax with you. A lot of military life is so fast. Usually the time we get together is like 3.5 days with stuff pre-planned for us. This trip was so relaxing and wonderful.

Monday, July 4th

Hands down, the best day of the entire trip! Today we went to Point Lobos and holy cow! If you ever get a chance to go here (or Andrew Molera) go!! Today was our last day together, so I’m happy that we were able to spend it in such a beautiful part of Monterey.

(The pictures below are just SOME of the 200+ pics I took that day alone… seriously everything about the entire hike was beautiful!)



Tuesday, July 5th

Aka the worst travel day I’ve ever had. I probably won’t forget this day any time soon. When I woke up, I knew I just wanted to leave and head to the airport. I didn’t care that I would be a couple hours early, all I knew is I didn’t want to stay in a bed that my boyfriend had been in all weekend and get sad again. Saying goodbye the day before was the hardest because we had the best time together, and we knew that the next time we’d see each other would be 6 months later.

I got to the airport and was supposed to leave Monterey by noon, however my first flight got delayed over 2 hours… meaning that I would miss my connecting flight from Phoenix to Detroit. I immediately started texting my mom and asking what the heck I’m supposed to do. My mom calls the airline and tells them my situation, and as she was on the phone someone cancelled their later flight from Phoenix to Detroit. Because my mom was on the phone at that moment, she was able to get me on a new flight. I got to Phoenix safe and sound, and then I had a couple hours until my later flight so I decided to find my terminal and start working on homework. The flight that was supposed to leave at 7:40pm ended up getting delayed as well because a flight from LAX was late (and over 20 people from that plane were on our flight). So now, I don’t leave until after 8pm (mind you, my previous flight from Arizona was supposed to leave at 4pm). My dad, being the lifesaver that he is, picked me up from Detroit and we made it home at 5:30am. Holy cow. The longest, and most tiring travel day I have ever had!!



If you have the chance to visit Monterey, DO IT! It has a good mix of city life and hiking/more adventurous things to do.

This trip was my favorite trip I have had since my boyfriend joined the Air Force. It has been the only trip that we have taken that was just the two of us, so it was definitely the most rewarding.

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