Military Talk: What I’ve Learned In One Year of Military Life

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Wow! I really cannot believe my love has been in the US Air Force for one year!! I can still remember the day he left like it happened yesterday. That day I was filled with so many questions. Will we last? What am I going to do if I can’t talk to him? Is this going to be too hard for me? 

I’m here to tell my younger self, that yes you CAN do it! Being long distance is tough. It requires a whole lot of effort, and a whole lot of trust.

Here’s what I have learned while being in a military long distance relationship for one year:

•Long distance is tough.

This isn’t a walk in the park. It is something that takes hard work each and every day. Some days are easier than others, and some days are much harder. Some days you get to talk to your significant other for hours, and other days you only get minutes.

My love and I have been long distance for over a year (he moved a few months before he left for boot camp). However, once he joined the military and he wasn’t allowed to spend as much time talking to me… it really made things harder. The distance is already hard enough, but add on very little communication and it can make a girl go a little crazy.

My boyfriend and I spend each weekend Skyping each other. This makes up for the week days that we are only able to text here and there. Skyping has definitely made me feel more connected to my boyfriend. It helps me feel like we aren’t so far apart, despite being on opposite ends of the country.


•Finding a hobby is important.

I am thankful that I found something I love doing when he’s gone. Creating greeting cards has been the best form of therapy for me. I use whatever emotions I am feeling to fuel my inspiration for new card ideas. I love being able to connect with you guys when you purchase a card and you give me insight on what you’re going through. Or when I get messages on Instagram or the blog, asking for help and guidance. It makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

The best part about this entire thing is that my love enjoys helping me come up with ideas. He is so proud of me and what I do, that it makes him happy to try and help me (most of his ideas I don’t end up using, but a few of them are totally because of him!).

My dream is to be able to have this be my full time job when I graduate college. I want to keep creating and do it all the time (while not being burnt out from school). I love that this job would allow me to move all over, and that type of mobility is necessary when dating/being married to someone in the military.

•Trust is so crucial.

Throughout our entire relationship I have always known my boyfriend is someone I can trust. He has never made me doubt that. Going into our relationship, I remember him telling me one time, “if you’re looking for someone to get jealous, it’s not going to be me.”  He really is the guy who proved to me that you can talk to other guys and it’s 100% okay and you shouldn’t feel like you’re not allowed to do this.

When we first started hanging out he had a neighbor who he would always hang out with. At first this made me uncomfortable because I knew nothing about her (and hardly anything about my boyfriend). It didn’t take long to realize that there was nothing to worry about.

We have been long distance for over a year and not once has it crossed my mind that he could have cheated on me. I don’t think that he would ever do that… if anything he would just buy me a ticket to come see him sooner because he misses me.

•You will become stronger than ever.

This is true, you guys. I feel like our relationship can conquer anything because we are surviving the distance. Long distance is really tough, but I promise that if you give it an honest try you will come out of it stronger than you could ever imagine.

I mean… there’s not many other people I know that could handle only being with their love for 20 days out of the year. Not many other people could handle the constant changes military life entails. Not many other people could handle only seeing their love once a week… through the screen.

Our situations might not be exactly the same, however we all learn to be stronger no matter what we are going through. Us military wives/girlfriends/fiancés are so damn strong. We learn to manage and make it through all the tough stuff. I’m so thankful for the experiences I have had to go through to get to where I am today. I love that I am in a relationship with an Airman because he has pushed me to be a better person, someone who is confident, creative, and ambitious.

Let me know in the comments below what YOU have learned by dating someone in the military.

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One thought on “Military Talk: What I’ve Learned In One Year of Military Life

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. My boyfriend of 9 months is leaving for the USAF in a few days and I’m absolutely terrified. We are both 18 and I’m scared we not make it through this. He is my best friend and i don’t want to lose him


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