Military Talk: Our Future Plans

our-future-plansThinking about the future can be very exciting. As of this moment, we have no idea when the next time we’ll be able to see each other is. That can make life a little more difficult. For me, it is nice to have an end date. It’s nice to know how many more days I have to get through until I can see him again. So lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about our future. Thinking about our possible future makes me excited. Right now it’s the only thing I have to look forward to.

My boyfriend and I really started discussing our future as a couple right before he joined the Air Force. It was kind of early on in our relationship (one year) to be talking about future plans, but we needed to be on the same page when it came to long distance and what we expected to happen with us.

My boyfriend has always made sure that I know that school has to come first. If I were already out of school I probably would be living in whatever state he’s in. However, I still have another year left until I can graduate. We both hate the distance, but we know that if I were to drop out of school it’d be something we both wouldn’t forgive ourselves for. I basically know that if I drop out now, I could never go back. I’m already so sick of being in school that I couldn’t see myself willingly starting over.

Marriage is something that we believe has a good chance of being in our future. Being long distant for over a year has been draining. It makes you want to be with that person even more, which is probably the only reason we would even consider getting married this soon. Had he not joined the military, we wouldn’t be thinking about a wedding for years. Being a military spouse compared to a military girlfriend is a lot different. I still struggle with feeling important because I know that I’m just the girlfriend. I know this isn’t how he sees me, but sometimes I feel that’s how everyone else around us sees me.

When we get married I will move out to him, and join him in the heat. I’ll probably have to adopt a cat or a bunny or something to keep me occupied during the day. I plan on running my business from whatever home we’re in and hopefully being full time by the time I’m graduated from college (or close to being full time)! The wonderful thing about me and the job I’m choosing for myself is that it can literally go anywhere. As long as I have wifi and a laptop then I can work! When I decided that this was the life I wanted for myself, I did kind of take into consideration what our military life could look like. Being an introvert, the thought of staying home and working has always been appealing to me.

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6 thoughts on “Military Talk: Our Future Plans

    1. Aww.. my boyfriend left for basic last year on February 9th… it made for an interesting Valentine’s Day when everyone else was talking about their loves. So good luck with that and all of your future adventures that come along with military life. I am sure that your boyfriend will still feel the same, but maybe have stronger feelings for getting married. My boyfriend and I had talked about it here and there, but now he’s practically talking about it every week, how he can’t wait for me to be done with school.

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    2. My boyfriend left today as well to San Antonio Texas. We’re thinking about marriage as well. Hoping that the time apart will help him clear his mind and make him more confident about putting a ring on me. We have been together 4 years but we are still young which makes the decision a little hard. I graduate from college in May so at least I would already have a degree and we’ve already lived together so we know what we are getting ourselves into. But for him marriage is just a whole other level which he has to think with a clear head. Hopefully you get to wed your boyfriend. I know it is very hard sometimes to feel like your not worthy enough. And people may ask alot of question of why you did not get married before, but we just gotta be strong and hang in there for the love we have towards our future airman. xoxo

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      1. I wish you the best of luck!! My boyfriend definitely was more persistent about marriage once he left, and I’m sure yours will be the same. That’s awesome that you are graduating so soon! I graduate in December so it’s not too much longer. Good luck to your boyfriend in San Antonio, and to you back home! Boot camp will fly by (I think because its just such a new experience that by the time you adjust you start planning your trip out to him!).

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