Long Distance Valentine’s Cards

valentines-pintValentine’s is a tricky holiday to be apart from your significant other. It’s a day filled with post after post of cute things your friends have received. It’s post after post of reasons why so-and-so love each other. There’s probably someone getting engaged.

All I know is that despite not thinking Valentine’s Day is that great of a holiday, it still sucks when you don’t get the option to be with your significant other. I remember last year my boyfriend had just left for bootcamp a week prior, and it was really difficult for me. I couldn’t call or text him that I loved him… I couldn’t even hear about his day. This year will be slightly better because while everyone else is going out on dates, we will at least get to call each other or text at some point during the day.

Being apart from your significant other on any holiday, or any day in general, is hard work. That’s why I started making Long Distance greeting cards one year ago (I can’t believe it’s been a year already!)

Below are some cards that I love that you may too (of course mine had to make the cut 😉) Go check these makers out on Etsy, their links are provided.

  1. Stormtrooper Card

    Card by Teeny Weenie Paper
  2. You, Me, & Skype

    Card by Shop Aloe View
  3. Can’t Wait To Cuddle

    Card by By Sea And Sky
  4. Kissing Instead of Missing

    Card by Striped Hat Studio
  5. Loving You

    Card by Jordyn Alison Designs
  6. Next To You

    Card by Jordyn Alison Designs
  7. Cute lil Face

    Card by Jordyn Alison Designs
  8. Holding Your Hand
    Card by Jordyn Alison Designs

    I think the stormtrooper card is one of my favorite cards ever. I laughed out loud the first time I saw it. Which card is your favorite?

    Take a peek in my Etsy shop which features many LDR cards. Sending & making cards is what helped keep me sane through his Boot Camp and on.


    Where to find me:

    Etsy (where I post LDR cards & other artwork)

    Instagram (where I post my daily hand lettering project & products of mine)

    Facebook (where I post Behind-The-Scenes, etc.)

    YouTube (where I post hand lettering videos)

    Society 6 (where my designs are featured on pillows, tapestries, and more)


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