Freebie Friday: Handlettered Printable

goodbyes-are-not-forever-pintHappy Friday, lovelies! We have survived another week. At the beginning of last year I tried keeping up with my Freebie Fridays but after the New Year Motivation wore off, it kept going to the back burner. But this year I am determined to make printables more often. I think they are a great way to fill your home with unique art, for less.

My blog readers will be able to get this print free for a limited time.



I lettered this design the day after my boyfriend left to go back to his base. It is so hard saying goodbye, but you have to remember that this is not forever. They will come home, or you will go to them. It’s easy to feel like the world is ending when they leave you again, but it’s not. It just means a new adventure is starting.

Prior to my boyfriend coming home for Exodus (Christmas break), we had been apart for 6 months. This was the longest we had been apart since we met each other and it was very difficult. This time around it should only be about 4 months until I see him next, and that alone is making me feel more positive for this next adventure. Yeah, it will always suck being apart from him but knowing that we have been apart longer and it didn’t break us is reassuring that we can do this next break.

You can grab this printable as a 5×7 or an 8×10. I want this printable to help you remember each day that this is only temporary.


Take a peek in my Etsy shop which features many LDR cards. Sending & making cards is what helped keep me sane through his Boot Camp and on.


Where to find me:

Etsy (where I post LDR cards & other artwork)

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YouTube (where I post hand lettering videos)

Society 6 (where my designs are featured on pillows, tapestries, and more)


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