Military Talk: Our Christmas Holiday, 2016

holiday-vacay-pintThis past Christmas was our 3rd Christmas spent together. But this year was definitely the most difficult. He had just gotten home on December 23rd, and it was a constant struggle finding time for just ourselves. We were able to celebrate Christmas and his birthday (NYE) together and that was really important for me. He wasn’t able to come home in time for my birthday (Dec. 14) but being able to spend time with him for 11 days definitely made up for that.

Christmas was busier than ever. Here’s a rundown of what our schedule consisted of for holiday get-togethers:

Christmas Eve:

11pm, “our” Christmas. This was where we got in our pjs, sat on the bed, and opened each other’s gifts.

Christmas Day: (these don’t account for drive times)

8am, Christmas with my mom

12pm, Christmas with his mom

4 pm, Christmas with my grandma/dad’s family

9pm, Christmas with my dad

Monday, the day after Christmas:

11 am, Christmas with his dad

As you can see, we were pretty busy. We woke up at 7 am on Christmas morning and didn’t get back home until 11:30 pm. It was constant go, go, go! Despite being exhausted, this Christmas was one for the books! I will never forget what it was like to be able to have him home for the holidays, knowing that many people in my shoes don’t get that privilege (and also knowing that this most likely won’t happen again in the near future!)

During his time home we were able to see the new Star Wars, go out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, paint pottery, ride in a horse Carriage, celebrate his birthday and the New Year, go to a zoo, and see plenty of pretty Christmas lights. Having him near me was the best. I can’t even explain how happy it made me to be able to hold his hand again.

Balancing Time:

I won’t deny that it was very difficult having him home but knowing that he can’t spend all his time with me. I would be selfish to think that was going to happen. His family hadn’t seen him since April, and I knew he needed time with them. Luckily my mom lives about 10 minutes away from him so whenever he wanted to go hangout with his mom I would go spend time with mine. We each needed our time with everyone involved, but also time with just him.

I told him before he came home that no matter what, I needed a day completely to ourselves. And he was able to make that happen. I knew that 1 on 1 time was crucial to filling up my love bucket (explained here).

There was definitely some drama revolving around this, but I won’t get into that. Dealing with families that aren’t yours can be quite difficult when you didn’t grow up with them.

Have you ever had to deal with your significant other’s family being difficult? How did you spend your holiday? Leave a comment below! 

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