Military Talk: Surviving the Holidays

You guys, these last few months have been hard. I haven’t been feeling as positive as normal so blogging wasn’t really a top priority for me. It’s been a very long and very difficult year for me. I’ve been waiting for Christmas to get here basically all year just so I could see my Airman again.

Last month  I celebrated Thanksgiving without my love. It was very weird to feel so thankful for someone but not be able to be celebrating a major holiday with them. Of course this isn’t the first holiday we’ve spent apart, however this one hurt a little more. But if I had to pick between having him home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I guess I would choose Christmas.

In a couple days my Airman will be flying home, finally. He only gets to stay for 10 days and I’m already coming to the conclusion that 10 days will not be long enough. I don’t think any amount of time would be enough time. He’s not even home and I already don’t want him to leave. This goodbye will be harder than the rest of them because I need this time with him now more than ever.

The last time I saw him was July 4th, so it’s been about 5.5 months. I don’t think that is solely what’s making this harder for me though. I think a big part is that ever since February I’ve only seen him a total of 9 days which is hardly anything at all. I’m thankful for those 9 days and the memories that came along with them, but I’m also struggling to keep it all together. All I can think about lately is how I want to do all these fun and cute winter activities with him. I keep seeing people around me posting what they’re doing with their loved ones and I guess it’s making me a little on edge, because it has been so long since I’ve been able to be cute with my boyfriend.

How do YOU deal with the holidays & long distance?


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