Military Talk: 5 Love Languages

When my boyfriend first left for boot camp, I was feeling all sorts of emotions. I didn’t know what to feel, honestly. I wanted some insight and a little guidance from an expert. So I bought myself a copy of The 5 Love Languages: Military Edition. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

Military life is difficult but I have found that reading blog posts, writing my own posts, and reading books have definitely helped. I enjoy reading things that I can connect to and draw from. Reading this book has helped me realize the ways that my boyfriend can love me from a distance and how I need to give my love to him when we’re apart.

Why is this book important to read? Because figuring out your love language and the language of your partner is the key to a lasting relationship.

Your emotional love language and the language of your spouse may be as different as Chinese from English. No matter how hard you try to express love in English, if your spouse understands only Chines, you will never understand how to love each other.

The tough part? Figuring out how to love your significant other in the way they need it when they’re hundreds of miles away. Now, I might be stuck with the worst love language for a long distance relationship and that is: physical touch. And not in the sexual way – but the holding hands, the long hugs, the forehead kisses, etc. Those are what fuel my love bucket. The book goes on to explain how I need to feel loved this way or how my boyfriend can help do things for me when he can’t physically be near me to hug me or hold my hand.

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