Military Talk: Saving Up To Visit

The time is finally here! You get to travel many, many miles to see your loved one. The best part? Getting off that plane knowing you’re in the same city again. The worst part? How much money it costs to see your significant other. It’s not easy being in a long distance relationship, and I think this is the part I struggle with the most. The fact that seeing him relies heavily on how much money we can save.


  1. Save all your coins. I’m serious! I do this every year for Christmas and I usually get about $50-60 in coins, however this year I had to save all my change for my trip out to California. My mom had a bunch of coins that she was saving up at her house (back from when I was living with her) and she let me have those. That definitely helped out. Whenever I buy anything – food, stuff from Michaels, etc., I keep the change. It might not add up to hundreds of dollars, but we all know that any little bit can help.
  2. Ask friends for pop cans. Both of my parents hate returning pop/beer cans. So I do it for them. They let me have the $5-10 each time knowing that I’m saving it for either school or for seeing my boyfriend. Again, this won’t make you big bucks but it’s fairly simple and it takes the hassle away from the other person.
  3. Sell some clothes online. I sell on a site called Vinted, and I list more items when I know I’m trying to really save to see my boyfriend. The amount you make from this really varies depending on what it is you’re selling. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this will not be it. You have to list and wait a couple days until someone buys, and then it takes a few days for the money to deposit into your bank account. But if you plan ahead and list items a few months before you leave this could definitely help get you $40 easy.
  4. Get the cheapest flight. They say the best day to purchase tickets is on a Tuesday. They say a lot of things about saving money when it comes to flights and I’m not sure how much of it is true. One thing I do know is that getting connecting flights versus a direct flight will save you so much money. The first time I flew out to him alone, I got a non-stop flight because I was scared. The second time I got a connecting flight because I was much more interested in saving the money than being scared about finding my flights, etc. (Trust me, if I can do it you can do it). Don’t wait too long to purchase your tickets as rates will go up the closer it is to your departure.
  5. Try to spend as little as possible. This one is last because it’s the least fun idea out there. Spending money is a part of daily life, but try to make conscious decisions to not spend money on that coffee, or food you’re not going to finish. Think about how badly you want to see him/her and use that to fuel your motivation to save as much as possible. Don’t drive yourself crazy, of course, but do try to make conscious decisions to save whenever possible. There are tons of savings plans on Pinterest if that is something you are interested in.


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