Behind The Card: Pt. 5

I Believe In Us

There comes a point where the distance will really start to get to you and your significant other. There comes a point where you want to give up because it would be “easier” even though you know that isn’t true. Despite having our routine and being able to talk to each other more it is extremely hard to be across the country from your loved one.

My boyfriend was in a really tough schooling so he was always stressed out, and when we would talk to each other he would be doing his homework. His attention was never 100% mine. I don’t blame him though. His entire life became school. Things have changed since then and in a couple months he will be in a different state. However, the combined stress of each of us had me thinking about giving up a couple times. Distance is stressful, but yet so wonderful.

The other day, my boyfriend said “isn’t it kind of sad that we can’t even remember the last time we were mad at each other?” I asked him why he said that, and his response was “Well, I mean we just haven’t been together in so long that we haven’t had a chance to get mad at each other.” There’s a bright side to everything, you just have to look for it!

I made this card to assure me and to assure him that I believe we will be able to get through this. He has nearly been in the Military for a year already! I think that is a great milestone to be proud of. I am looking forward to our future and the many adventures we will get to go on because of him joining the Military.

Behind The Card PINT Pt 5


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