Military Talk: Has Distance Helped or Hurt My Relationship?

Just the other week my mom asked me if I think the distance has helped our relationship or if it’s causing us to struggle. And I instantly replied with “it helps, for sure.”

Military Talk PINT Help or Ruin.jpgAnd here’s why:

We have excellent communication skills. I have always been very open with him and I think that really helps us with the distance. He genuinely misses me and he will tell me these things, and granted it makes me sad… it also makes me feel more loved.

Being apart from him really, truly, sucks. He is the one I want to share my life with and the everyday moments. But snapchat, texting, and skype help keep us in the loop still. Realizing that I want him here with me makes me sad but it also reassures me that this is real and that we can make this work.

I have fallen for him so much harder being apart this year. The little things like texting me every morning and night that he loves me… I never used to care about that as much but now that I don’t get to hear from him all day this is what I cling to. This is what I care about. And he knows that, and he does that for me. And because of that I love him more.

If you or someone you know is scared of the distance… I would tell them that you can do it if you both believe in the relationship. We are so certain about our love that being apart from each other doesn’t scare us. He told me the other day that he’s so proud and lucky that he would never have to worry about me cheating on him while he’s away. That’s the kind of trust you need in a long distance relationship.

Our love has grown stronger with each new day we are apart. But my goodness, I can’t wait for the end of the year when I get to see him again!


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Do you have any other tips or suggestions that should be added to the list? 

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