Military Talk: 10 Songs Titles That Describe Our Relationship

I once saw this idea for using song titles to describe your relationship. I had this post planned a couple times but never went through with it because I didn’t take the time to go through song after song. Well, I finally had the time and I think I came up with a decent list of songs to describe my relationship. Shuffling the songs on my iPhone makes me realize how varied my music taste can be.

Military Talk PINT Songs

Songs Titles That Describe My Relationship

  1. Every Time We Touch – Cascada
    • Why? Because my love language is touch so every time I get to hug him it fills my heart right up.
  2. Precious Love – James Morrison
    • Why? Because I think what we have is precious, and special. Simple as that.
  3. Each Day Gets Better – John Legend
    • Why? Easy. Each day with being his boyfriend is another great day. I love that I get to be his and watch him do all these amazing things. He makes me so proud.
  4. Thinking of You – Katy Perry
    • Why? Because he’s on my mind all the time. He gets me through my toughest days just by thinking about what he would tell me if I were talking to him at the moment. He is my motivation and inspiration and he helps make each day easier for me.
  5. Lucky – Jason Mraz
    • Why? Because one time we sang this song together and it made me all sorts of happy inside. We hadn’t yet said “I Love You” but I think this was a defining moment for us.
  6. You Make It Real – James Morrison
    • Why? Because he’s treated me like I deserve from day 1, and I will never stop appreciating him. He makes this whole distance thing worth it because he makes this all so real for me.
  7. Shoulda Kissed You – Chris Brown
    • Why? Because when we first started hanging out, my boyfriend made it a point to make me do everything first. He straight up told me “I’m not going to kiss you first if that’s what you’re waiting for,” smirk on his face and all. We still like to joke about this moment because I was SO nervous. That whole time (like two months) I had been thinking he didn’t actually like me because he never kissed me. Little did I know.
  8. Love Is Hard – James Morrison
    • Why? Because this love isn’t easy. It’s real and it takes effort, every day. I could easily give up and say the distance is too hard for me now, but I’m not a quitter. I don’t give up when the going gets tough.
  9. Crush – Dave Matthews Band
    • Why? When we first met I instantly had the biggest crush on him. He still managed to like me even though I gave him one worded responses.
  10. I Love You – Alex & Sierra
    • Why? For obvious reason: I clearly love this man. And because I gave up going through song after song on my phone to find a title that fit.


What song would you use to describe your relationship? Share in the comments below! 🙂

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