Military Talk: Vent

Okay, so let me just say that Long Distance Relationships (especially Military ones) are not all rainbows and butterflies all the times. Lately I’ve been annoyed with the fact that I have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to spend a weekend with my boyfriend. No one else I know has to do that. I save 99% of my money for tuition and traveling. At times it gets really frustrating. I get jealous of the people around me who don’t have to do this.

I keep thinking, why me? But then I think about how lucky I am. I’m so lucky to be dating this guy who makes me feel all the things and inspires me and motivates me every single day. I wouldn’t be where I am with Jordyn Alison Designs if it weren’t for him.

The absolute worse part about being in a LDR is when someone around you complains about not being able to see their Significant Other in X amount of time. I had someone complain about not being able to be with their SO on his birthday. It just got me thinking about how there are SOO many things I don’t get to do with my boyfriend but yet I don’t complain about it. We don’t spend holidays together, or any time together, really. The more I see people post about being apart from their SO for a couple days, it always grinds my gears. So don’t complain about missing your SO to someone in an LDR. They won’t take it well. 


Being in an LDR takes strength and courage and not everyone can handle it. I think those are the people who complain about being away from their loved ones. But, life moves on and another day passes. You can’t get stuck in a rut of feeling bad for yourself or being upset. You’ve gotta move on and move forward with your day.


What challenges do you face in being in an LDR? 

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2 thoughts on “Military Talk: Vent

  1. It always helps me to realize that those “other” non-LDR people have simply no idea what it’s like. They cannot relate. Everyone lives in their own subjective reality that is shaped by what we experience. I actually encourage people close to me not to keep themselves from expressing anything in my presence, just because they think I have it more difficult in my crazy LDR. Because otherwise you might push people away, they rather talk to someone else about certain problems because they think you wont value them. LDR is not for everyone. Some people can handle distance easier. But I totally feel you there: I think every LDR couple has those moments of feeling unfairness and being annoyed by all those totally normal couples who are able to experience all those boring normal things we wish for so badly. Whenever someone complains about something really silly regarding their relationship in my presence, I try practicing just smiling to myself and reminding myself that they just don’t know better – all those lucky fools 😉


    • Oh yes, I totally agree. Yesterday my sister was complaining about having to do something with her boyfriend, and I told her at least she gets to do something with him. And she just looked at me and was like… Yeah, I guess you’re right. With my sister I knew I could say something like that and know she wouldn’t get offended, but with other people I try to just sit through it and not say anything.

      Good luck to you and your SO with loving through the distance! ❤

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