Military Talk: A Guide to Lackland Air Force Base

Military Talk PINT LacklandEarlier this month I attended my boyfriend’s graduation at Lackland Air Force Base. During my weekend, I learned a lot of new information that I would love to share with you all.

Things I Learned

  • He or She will not be able to walk and talk on the phone, walk and read anything (a cell phone, a brochure), walk and eat / drink, walk and hold hands.
  • They will be hungry for ANYTHING.
  • Their heritage flight that shows up on the screen will not always be 100% correct. Make sure you if talk to your Airman prior to attending graduation, ask what heritage flight they will be in.  This is crucial to seeing them in the Coin Ceremony or Graduation Ceremony.

What The Weekend Will Be Like

  • On Thursday there will be the Airman’s Run and The Coin Ceremony.
    • The run will be the first opportunity to see your Airman, so make sure you know what Squadron he will be. My love was in Squadron 323 which are the mustangs. I had once looked up what those meant and I found somewhere on the Air Force’s website a list of all the squadrons and what color shirts they wore. This might be helpful to know beforehand.
    • During the coin ceremony your Airman will receive a coin that says they have completed graduation. My Airman ended up finding a fascination in collecting these coins that they got over the 7.5 weeks.
    • After these events your Airman will be granted Base Liberty which means they can walk around base, but cannot leave base. We walked around and looked at all the planes. We went to the mini malls and looked at those coins.
  • Friday will be Graduation and a Town Pass.
    • I would advise getting to every event at least an hour early. There were 780 graduates the weekend I went. Add all the families… yeah that’s a lot of people! A lot of people anxiously awaiting their loved ones.
    • After graduation you will be granted a town pass and have a certain perimeter of where you can travel to. Your Airman will most likely not care what to do, as anything will be better than being on base.
    • Food is another thing he or she will not care about. As my boyfriend put it, the food on base was “very bland and boring” so they will be happy with anything. I made sure to get my love some beef jerky since that is one of his favorite snacks.
  • Saturday is your free day.
    • This is the day you get town pass from 9 am until 8 pm. Make sure to make arrangements before leaving Friday night on where to pick your Airman up. Most agreed on the Reception Center.
  • Sunday is the last day, usually with nothing much planned.
    • Sunday was another Base Liberty. This was our more relaxed and chilled out day. We spent it walking around the mini malls and enjoying some milkshakes. We didn’t have anything planned to do because we all had to fly back home. Your Airman will be required to be back to his Squadron at 6pm. A lot of the Airmen planned on watching a movie after the families left.

Places To Visit During Town Pass


  • San Antonio Botanical Garden
    • We spent a good 3 hours here and it was well worth it. There were sculptures and beautifully landscaped flowers and gardens.
    • There was a huge chess game in one of the open areas that my boyfriend and his twin played a game.
    • Tons of succulents!! My sister and my best friend are obsessed with them and I kept taking pictures of them to send to.
    • There are waterfalls, cute little areas to take pictures together, and more. I highly recommend the Botanical Garden if your Airman likes taking pictures and seeing this type of thing.


  • The Alamo
    • The Alamo isn’t something I would have chosen to do. But it is something that everyone recommends when visiting San Antonio. There was a lot of people when I went so it was really hot and crowded. It did spark some interest for my boyfriend, so that’s all that really mattered.


  • The Riverwalk
    • The Riverwalk is also something everyone will recommend to you. There are cute little gardens and beautiful scenery all along it.
    • We took the Riverboat ride and learned a lot about the history and the art around the Riverwalk.
    • There are tons of little restaurants along the Riverwalk. We went to some Mexican place (surprise) and I had a taco bowl.
    • I enjoyed walking around and seeing new things. My boyfriend was taking pictures of everything and that’s what makes me happy inside.


  • Japanese Tea Garden
    • The Japanese Tea Garden was not as beautiful as the Botanical Garden, but it was still worth the trip.
    • When we were there, there was at least 2 wedding parties walking around so there was quite a lot of people there.
    • There were tons of coy fish swimming around and it was neat to be up close to them and see how large they really were.
    • Unfortunately some areas were ruined by graffiti which really upset me.


What would you recommend to do in San Antonio? 

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5 thoughts on “Military Talk: A Guide to Lackland Air Force Base

  1. Hi, jordy. Wanted to thank you for the info you posted . was on Pinterest looking for prayers for my son who is right now in BMT in San Antonio. Came across your post. I was wondering what to plan, dad and i are divorce. But hopefully you informatiom of events you planned , helps me . Also so glad of the info about their events and getting there early. Time is what i was concerned but now i know to get there early. Have a blessed day.


    1. My boyfriend’s graduation was in April (last year)… and it was windy. I’m not sure what temps are like right now, but even when it said 75 all day, the wind came out of nowhere. So have an outfit just in case it does get cold! Also, I dressed really casual. I wore a dress the first day and I think each day I wore Vans. Some people coordinate their outfits with the ABUs or Blues and I didn’t even think about that lol. I would just where comfortable clothes! You will be walking a lot and you will be outside all day basically so just be comfortable!

      At the end of the day, your boyfriend is going to be more worried about not getting in trouble from MTIs than what you wore. He’ll think you look great no matter what anyways!

      Hope that long reply helped a little! lol


    1. I wanna say I stayed at a Super 8. It wasn’t glorious, but you were only there to sleep so it was fine. I can’t remember the road it was on to look it up, but I know it was pretty close to base. (However, the line to get in to base was always super long so just keep that in mind!)


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