Military Talk: How to Be Happy Despite the Distance

Being apart really does suck. There is nothing better than being with the person you love. But don’t worry! Being apart does not mean life can’t go on without them. Below I give you some advice on how to stay happy despite the distance between you both.

Military Talk PINT Happy w Distance

Let yourself be sad.

Wait doesn’t that defeat the purpose? No, not in the long run. When your significant other first leaves it will be really hard to be 100% happy. For me it was really hard to not want to call him after class and tell him about my day as I drove home each night. I allowed myself to be sad and cry. I allowed myself to be scared and vulnerable. I didn’t really enjoy being emotional, but I let myself be.

Initially, I think you have to be sad so that you can get it out of your system. After I cried and wrote him letters about why I was scared I felt so much better. As of this week we have made it an entire month with no communication. That’s quite an accomplishment. I’m happy to say that I have spent the better part of this month being happy.

Keep yourself busy.

I think this is pretty much common sense, but the busier you are the faster time will seem to move. The faster time goes by, the sooner you get to see your love. How do you keep yourself busy? A year ago I found a hobby and never looked back. I have been creating cards for my Etsy shop to give me a creative outlet.

Some hobbies to think about: painting/drawing/creating anything, working out, writing, blogging, coloring, cooking/baking, etc.

Do whatever you love and keep up with it. You don’t want to always rely on your friends to be there when you’re bored. So in general it’s always good to have something you enjoy when you are alone.

Write them letters.

One thing I look forward to each day is writing a letter to my boyfriend. When I write him letters I usually jot down some important things from each day and then some questions for him / lyrics / anything else that makes me think of him. I wrote more in depth about writing letters in this post here.

If you are looking for some cards to send to your significant other while he is in boot camp or deployed / or if you are in an LDR, I have a growing collection of LDR cards in my shop.

Think about what you’ll do the next time you meet.

At the end of the month (March 31st) I FINALLY get to see my boyfriend again. I have missed hearing his voice or seeing him smile so so much! I miss all the little things I never thought I’d miss, and I cannot wait to give him the biggest hug.

Thinking about seeing him makes me smile. Thinking about hugging him brightens my day. When I do get to see him next I know I will get to see him graduate and that’s about it. I have never been to Texas, so I have no idea what San Antonio has to offer (and what the rules are about where we can go…) I know we will have specific time frames from when we can leave base.

It kind of sucks knowing that this weekend won’t be ours. But he will have spent 8 weeks being someone’s (for lack of a better word) b*tch. I cannot be selfish when I see him so I have to just enjoy the time we have together no matter what we are doing.

It kind of sucks that all 8 of us have to share our very limited time with him. But some time with him is better than no time at all.

I hope these tips have helped you in some way. I know that when my boyfriend first left I was searching everywhere for blog posts on LDR / Military subjects just to reassure myself that I could do this. I hope that I can assure you as well that this is possible.


What tips do you have for staying happy when your loved one is gone? Share them in the comments below! 🙂 

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