Military Talk: Our Final Goodbye

Military Talk- Final Goodbye

I spent the entire weekend with my boyfriend… because he’s leaving for boot camp and I am officially starting my long distance journey.


I had to work until 5:30 on Friday night so I didn’t get to his house until a little after 6. He surprised me by wanting to go out to dinner, which he previously said he couldn’t do because he was trying to keep his weight the same. We also went and saw Dirty Grandpa, which was hilarious. But you have to have the right kind of humor to enjoy it.

Overall, our night was fantastic. I found myself realizing the little things I’m going to miss: hearing him laugh, seeing him smile, talking to him in general…. I tried to take in every moment of the weekend and stay off my phone.


On Saturday he had his going away party / open house type thing. He told his friends to come over around 7 and family all day before that. It was nice seeing him get to catch up with everyone, and he still made his efforts to let me hug him and not exclude me. We ended the night by playing Super Smash Bros with a few people. Which I honestly couldn’t picture a better way to end our evening.


Today was the day of packing, double checking, shaving the beard, and watching pieces of the Super Bowl. He wasn’t in the mood to do anything besides packing and making sure there wasn’t anything he was forgetting. He made sure all of the stuff he owns is in boxes so that just in case his dad moves when he’s gone in the next two years, he’ll have everything ready. (He is so smart like that!!)

Hugging him goodbye sucked. There’s no beating around the bush about that. I didn’t want to let him go, because I didn’t want it to be real. I made sure he knew how much I loved him (as if he doesn’t already know….) and that I will miss him so much and I am so proud of him. I know not to expect a call from him but I let him know that if he does call me I will answer regardless of where I am / what I’m doing.

If you have to say goodbye to your loved one, just remember that this isn’t the end of the world. You will definitely miss him/her but you can still be happy and move forward with your life. Remember to take it one day at a time, cry if you have to – but don’t get in a rut of sadness. Remember to be happy and supportive for your loved one! And wait for that phone call with their address so you can start writing letters.

Update, March 2017:

Saying goodbye for the first time is really difficult because you’ve never done it before. As time goes on, you will learn what each other needs from a goodbye. For me, I really need a strong hug and lots of considerate words. I need to really feel loved in those final moments together, so that those are the feelings that I can hold onto for the next few months.


Have you been in my shoes before? How do you stop yourself from over-thinking and worrying?



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