Believe Coloring Page

1173_1652906344962616_2568214997684437748_nMy biggest goal for 2016 is to start making coloring pages. A couple weeks ago I posted my Never Give Up coloring page for free. But today I am showing you one that is now in my Etsy shop. The inspiration for this piece actually came from the drawing pictured above, which is from five years ago!! I can’t believe it has been that long.


At first, this drawing took me forever to make. I was so worried about it not being good enough. It’s kind of ironic that the first word I chose to do is believe, because that’s exactly what I needed. I needed to believe in myself and trust that I can make great art if I believe I can.

As you can see, I LOVE details. But I know how frustrated coloring a bunch of tiny little details can be, so I definitely tried making bigger designs that repeated themselves more than once to give a sense of unity. What I loved most about this project is that it allowed me to rework old designs and use my new knowledge.

You can find my Believe coloring page on Etsy.

Believe - Color Example1
A digital colored mock-up.


I personally love coloring flowers, but what is your favorite thing to color? 


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